DAY 4: Animal languages and baboon attacks

At day 4 we’re nearly half way through the event. Hope you’re all chatting, asking and voting!

Today’s highlights in the Animal Behaviour Zone:

  • Questions on animal languages:

Do any animal’s languages interlink?

  • Did you know that some monkeys have a sound that means ‘eagle’ and a sound that means ‘leopard’?

Why are you so interested about different languages that animals speak?

  • And baboon attacks…

tangoblast101 : can baboons be viloent and have you ever been attacked???

suzanneharvey : baboons can definitely be violent, but no one at our field site has ever been attacked. the wild baboons aren’t dangerous as they’re mostly scared of humans and would rather run away than get into a fight, but don’t ever approach a baboon in a town, they will attack humans because they know we carry food!


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