DAY 3: Talking to baboons, saving the planet and undiscovered animals

Day 3 and there’s no let up in the number of chats and questions – 4,400 students registered and nearly 2,500 answered questions, not to mention loads more chats!

Today’s highlights in the Animal Behaviour Zone:

  • Do baboons understand us?

nicollmanimal : do you think that baboons hear every word we say or do they just hear a plain noise coming from us?

suzanneharvey : i think baboons understand some of the things we say from getting used to us being around, but it’s so hard for us to understand them without a lot of work, so they probably would struggle to understand us too!

nicollmanimal : wow thats a great answer

suzanneharvey : thanks, it was a great question!

  • Saving the planet:

How can we save our planet and why is no one really bothering?

  • And undiscovered animals…

Is there any unfound creatures?


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